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With 3 successful broadcasting stations in Abuja, Asaba and Owerri, Lagos is our next stop. We introduce to you Hot Fm 93.3. We are not just another radio station in town. We are the radio station. Our vision for our Lagos is to provide a platform for the best music available and the highest quality of entertainment in the Nigerian market.

Our primary target audience are cosmopolitan, urbane and upwardly mobile people between the ages of 24 – 35 while the secondary target are people within the ages of 16 -24.

Hot Fm 93.3 Lagos is bringing radio in different facets. Radio in the traditional sense and radio as a convergence of audio and video, which we call Visual Radio. Visual radio allows audiences to stream/watch music videos of the songs they hear on radio in realtime. So you hear the song on the radio, you see the video online, simple. In addition, 93.3 Lagos will have a very active online presence with lots of original and interesting content our audience can key into.

Hot Fm is not just another radio station it’s “More Than Just Radio”, this epitomizes Hot FM Lagos and it’s audio visual outlook. For our listeners, more bang for their buck.

phone: 08102522116

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