Celebrities That Have Tangled with the EFCC

There are celebrities that have very extravagant and luxurious lifestyles. They have become popular on social media spaces as the picture of wealth. It then comes as no surprise how these personalities have caught the interest of bodies like EFCC. Unfortunately not everyone comes out clean. Here are a list of celebrities with a track record at EFCC

Naira Marley

Azeez Fashola is a popular musician known as Naira Marley. He has risen to fame and superstardom with hits like ‘Tesumole’ and ‘Soapy’. Marley has received criticism for his song “Am I a Yahoo Boy”, for allegedly glorifying fraud. Recently the hit singer has been involved in an ongoing case with the EFCC were he has been charged with 11-counts on the charge of conspiracy and credit card fraud. His trial has been postponed to October.

Zlatan Ibile

Zlatan Ibile, whose real name is Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael, is also a popular Nigerian Artiste with songs like “Cash App”. He is controversial because his songs seem to glorify fraud and ‘Yahoo’ activities. Zlatan was also among those captured with Naira Marley and is facing charges on conspiracy and credit card fraud.


Nwagbo Oliver Chidera aka Pankeeroy is an Instagram comedian and social media influencer who boasts over 600k followers on Instagram. Pankeeroy was arrested earlier in April over allegations of involvement in a computer-related fraud in Lagos. He was operating as vendor that redeems bitcoin vouchers on site bitcoincoretrading.com. The agency claimed the site was used as a means to defraud unsuspecting victims. He was released from police custody in May.


Adeherself is a famous Instagram comedian, famous for her comedy skits on social media. She joins the long list of influencers arraigned by the EFCC. Adeherself was arrested on charges of internet related fraud. She was arrested on one count of possession of fraudulent documents. She pleaded not guilty to the charges.


Ismail Mustapha, alias Mompha, an Instagram celebrity was arrested in relation to a N157.1million fraud charge filed against a popular auto dealer, Sarumi Babafemi, alias 606. Mompha has also been facing a separate charge since November 25, 2019. He was charged with a separate 14-count N32.9 billion money laundering charge. Mompha secured bail at a 100 million. His case was adjourned to October 14th.


This list would not be complete without the infamous Instagram celebrity Ramon Abbas, aka Hushpuppi. Hushpuppi has always been a source of attention, envy and criticism due to his Instagram posts of his Luxurious lifestyle. He shared content in private jets, expensive watches and luxury cars. However, that came crashing down when Hushpuppi was arrested by the Dubai police in connection with a $35 million ventilator scam. His properties were seized and 12 other associates of his arrested. Hushpuppi was then handed over to the EFCC, then transferred to the FBI. At present his charges include counts of money laundering, wire fraud, and felony to name a few. He has pleaded guilty to all charges in a plea deal. Hushpuppi faces the risk of up to 20 years in prison.

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