Origin and rise of the popular club song ‘Dorime’ in Nigeria.

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Origin and rise of the popular club song ‘Dorime’ in Nigeria:

Talk about the song of the year!

The Pseudo – Latin song “Ameno Dorime” which has quickly become the most played song in Nigerian Clubs started out as a song in a viral video on the video in demand App – Tik-tok.

Ameno Dorime” is a French new age musical project titled Era, written by Eric Levi. It was released in June 1996 as a single from their debut album Era that became a chart success in France, Belgium, Sweden and Latin America.

The lyrics are written in Pseudo – Latin meaning it sounds like Latin but in fact deliberately lacks any substantial meaning. The vocals performed by Guy Protheroe and Harriet Jay seem to have a strong compelling effect on its listeners, coupled with the song instrumentation and entire composition.

Clubbers and many others have acclaimed and testified to something unusual about the song coercing them to spend more of their money whenever the song is played usually during a celebratory spree when any of the most expensive drinks available in the club is purchased.


It has been said on the app, that the song is the “cursed song of the summer” ( summer starting officially on the 21st of June 2021) due to it’s  hunting sound that features a pitch-altered Gregorian chant over unsettling, sparse electronic music, this type of tune is usually reserved for sound tracking the most spooky contents.

Most believe the song to be harmless and meaningless and nothing other than a brilliant music composition.

However last week a number of Club patronizers in Nigeria made it very clear and open to the public that the song was very pivotal in making them spend more money than they normally would whenever they hear it.

This has led to a viral trend and generated a slang word termed – “Dorimee” used by most Nigerians to signify anything that tends to make you spend more money than is necessary.

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