TwitterBan: Possible Resolution Terms Between Twitter & The Federal Government To restore Access.

Twitter Ban

Twitter banned in Nigeria.

Following the nationwide Twitter ban we look at possible resolution terms between Twitter and the Federal Government.
After taking down the tweet of Nigeria’s President General Muhammadu Buhari for violating Twitter terms, The Nigerian government imposed a temporary ban on the social networking app which has been a source of livelihood to many young and middle aged Nigerians.
This has forced many people to give their opinions and suggestions on ways the government and social media giants can find a middle ground.
These are my views:
So far the government has not given any conditions for lifting ban when asked in a meeting with Foreign dignitaries Nigerian Minister of Foreign affairs stated the ban will be lifted if Nigerians use the App “responsibly”.
Firstly, government should understand that the Twitter ban is an impediment to free speech which goes against the constitution they are sworn to.
Also, to find a common ground the government can choose to filter tweets they feel are a nuisance to the country. They should set up a compliance team in collaboration with Twitter which primary goal will be to delete tweets they theme threatening to the government.
Finally, employment of tech savvy digital officers who are avid social media users to manage the account of government officials to make them aware of any drawbacks they have in using these social media Apps or understanding their rules and regulations.

Twitter has been a source of livelihood for many Nigerians and the longer the ban continues our GDP will be affected and so will foreign investment so I urge the government to find a common ground for the sake of Technology and overall economic growth.

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