Coca-Cola allegedly looses $4 billion within hours over Cristiano Ronaldo’s gesture: Euro 2020.

The Portuguese superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, allegedly made a gesture during a press conference on Monday the 14th of June 2021, which may have caused Coca-Cola a loss of over $4 billion.

The football icon was said to have allegedly had caused a stir on Monday with a gesture involving two bottles of Coca-Cola.

The gesture soon went viral and was rumored on social media.


The unverified rumors and claims states that the Juventus man, while addressing the press ahead of Portugal’s Euro 2020 group-stage clash against Hungary, spotted the two bottles of carbonated drinks and immediately pushed them away from his vicinity.

Ronaldo then picked out a bottle of water and said to the cameras: “Agua! (Water!)”.

Ronaldo has previously spoken out about his dislike of sugary soft drinks and said he hated his son consuming them.

Marca reports that the share price of Coca-Cola before and after Ronaldo’s action has led to billions of dollars in losses for the company.

The Spanish newspaper further claimed that the company went from being worth $242 billion to $238 billion – a “brutal 1.6% drop” for it on the stock market.

On a bright note, Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice as Portugal started their European Campaign, beating Hungary 3-0 on Tuesday.

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