Meet Nicky.

She is a dash of spice, a spoonful of sugar, and definitely everything nice.

Born and bred in the United States, but always influenced by the sound and cultures of her home, Nigeria.

Growing up, Nicky was classically trained on the flute for 10 years. Constantly being introduced to many new pieces of music and what she would like to call, the foundation of music. The main reason she decided to pursue a career in media came from a fascination, maybe even borderline obsession.

After seeing on TV how presenters would easily inform their audience on the happenings of today. For as long as Nicky could remember, she would listen on to the radio and was intrigued by how On-Air Personalities would keep their audiences captivated with a flow of music and exciting topics. She knew that she had to join their world.

She is definitely not a newbie behind the microphone. Her music knowledge/selection entrances you while her sultry voice leaves you begging for more. A mixture of glamour, elegance, and oh so much sex appeal, you will always be entertained. In the famous words of her favorite designer Madame Coco Chanel, “in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” Fasten your seat-belts, because you are in for one amazing ride.

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