Taliban Renames Afghanistan to Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

The Taliban has renamed Afghanistan to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan after it’s recent overthrow and seizure of the capital Kabul, making the once bustling metropolis into a male dominated city with no traffic or police control.

It was reported earlier by Aljazeera that Afghans had flooded the airport in Kabul in an attempt to flee the country after the takeover. Video clips were taken of scores of Afghans hanging onto the outside of a US military plane as it taxied on the runway.

Several were also seen hanging along the sides and railings of the plane as it departed. Senior US military officials reported that the incident left at least seven dead, while others had fallen off the plane.

The Taliban, a militant group that ran the country in the late 1990s, have again taken control.

The group of insurgents were taken out of power after a US led invasion in 2001 securing 20 years of freedom, but the group never left.

However, in recent years US troops had began to withdraw with some speculating that it created an opening for the Taliban, and led to the fall of the formerly Western backed government.

It was reported across new networks that hundreds of Afghans fled to the airport in hopes of securing any means that would enable them fly out of the country. A large number turned up with no passports, tickets or visas. Another video circulated showed Afghans trying to squeeze into the back of a cargo plane.

Speaking at the UN Security Council in New York, at a special session, UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, urged Taliban to show “the utmost restraint to protect lives” and demanded that anyone who wanted to leave the country must be able to do so.

US President Joe Biden also received a briefing by top security officials on the situation in Afghanistan, the White House said.

“This morning, the President was briefed by his national security team, including the Secretary of Defense and Chairman Milley, on the security situation at Hamid Karzai International Airport, and ongoing efforts to safely evacuate American citizens, US Embassy personnel and local staff, SIV (special immigrant visa) applicants and their families, and other vulnerable Afghans,” it said in a statement.

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