Timini Reacts To Ex-girlfriends Claims Calling Him a “Cradle robber”

Popular actor Timini Egbuson has reacted to claims from his ex-girlfriend Lydia Balogun, calling him a “pervert and cradle snatcher who targets naive young women for relationships.” 

Lydia had posted a series of tweets on Monday referring to Timini as an all-round terrible person who intentionally looks for barely legal women to date. She also claims that after their break-up he had been going around calling her a “runz girl” and ruining her reputation.

Initially Timini had kept silent with his bestfriend Dorcas coming to his defense stating that Lydia was playing the victim now but she was calling Timini not more than two weeks ago, she also accussed Lydia of looking for older men to date.

This caused Lydia to retaliate claiming that Dorcas is complacent in Timini’s behavior, and the types of girls he dates. The latter is also aware of the real reason she’s calling.

The man himself has come forward with a note detailing his own side of things.

He maintains that he has never had a relationship with anyone who was not of legal age. He continues stating that Lydia and him were both consenting adults when they got together, but he admits that their relationship was very “volatile” and mistakes were made on both sides.

He also addresses the claim that he is courting a 17 year old saying he does not “condone having relationships or courting anyone under the age of consent”.

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