Lawyers Reveal What Police did to Lady Who Accused D’Banj of Rape

The lawyers of Ms Seyitan Babatayo, have revealed that their client was forced to delete tweets detailing her encounter with D’Banj in 2018.

According to a report from Premium Times, while Ms Babatayo was in police custody, she was forced to delete the tweets under duress.

The lawyers further revealed she was also forced her to make new tweets saying she was not arrested and is ready to move on from the alleged incident.

“They forced her to make those new tweets when she was in custody. They forced her to delete all her tweets and intimidated the hell out of her life,” he said.

Ms. Babatayo’s lawyers also said the issue has escalated beyond her expectations as she was only out “to speak her truth, tell her story so everybody can move on”.

“The girl has been so traumatised since she was released. She couldn’t believe it. When she was relating what happened to us yesterday, she was crying so much that.

“She said she slept in the same room, on the floor with criminals. She couldn’t believe that she was made to go through that by the Nigerian Police, just because she wanted to tell her own story,” they said.


Credit: Jaguda

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