4 Reasons Adekunle Gold And Simi Are Suited For Each Other

News going around is that adekunle gold and simi are set to tie the knot in a rather private event to hold in Victoria Island today. There is no denying they are a cute couple and are well deserving of each other having been in the industry for about the same amount of time. Here are 4 reasons we think these two are a match made in heaven and are well suited for each other.

They Both Make The Same Kind Of Music

Simi and Adekunle Gold are both soulful artist who make alternative kind music with a local touch to it. They have made songs together on several occasions and made it on each others album. On ‘no forget’ which was off adekunle Golds’ debut album, they sang about their love for each other and their vocals compliment each other rather perfectly.

They are Both from Lagos

From the onset, these two lovebirds were destined to be together! Both Simi and Adekunle gold were born and raised in Lagos state.

Both have Two Albums So far

These two have come a long way in the industry. Simi has put out two albums so far in her career. she put out ‘Ogaju’ back in 2008, and ‘Simisola’ in 2017. While adekunle gold released his debut album called ‘Gold’ in 2016 and his recent project ‘About 30’ in 2018.

They are both creatives and are IT savvy

Before Adekunle Gold sprung to limelight, he was known for his artistic photoshop skills. He put out several photo shopped images of himself and popular celebrities which made the rounds on social media.

Simi on the other hand mixes and masters professionally and actually went ahead to mix and master some songs on Adekunle Gold’s debut album, ‘Gold’.

These and more reasons are why we think these two are two peas in a pod and are well suited for each other. What do you think? Do you have more reasons why these two should be together or not? share it on the comment section.

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