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Have you noticed how hot the weather has become, there seems to be extreme hotness and heating in the climate. Many have said its global warming.

It is very important to stay healthy during this hot season, because there are a number of heat-related diseases that could occur during this time.

Diseases associated with hot season

They are also known as heat-related diseases.
These are diseases that occur when or due to extreme heat in the environment. They include:

1. Heat cramps.
2. Heat exhaustion
3. Heat Stroke
4. Heat Rashes
5. Meningitis (can be worsened in cases of severely hot weather).

They are certain groups of people who are at higher risk of getting sick.
These include: Aged persons who are 65 years or more, young children 4 years or less, obese people, people with heart diseases or mental illnesses.
Now, the question is how do you stay healthy
during this hot weather.

Health tips for hot weather

There are so many things you should do if you want to survive the hot season healthy and happy. These tips will not just help you avoid the heat-related diseases, but also remain very comfortable despite the hot climate.

1. Stay hydrated at all times

In this period you should drink more water than the way you normally do, and also don’t wait until you get thirsty to drink water .
Drink plenty of fluids apart from water. Dehydration is the common factor of heat-related diseases. Don’t take alcohol it can induce dehydration.
So remember to stay hydrated always.

2. Avoid too much sun exposure

Reduce the amount of time you spend outside, especially during midday when the sun is hottest.
In cases where you need to be out, you should use a light umbrella.

3. Eat lighter meals

Eat foods that are not heavy, reduce the intake of carbohydrates. Eat more salads, fresh vegetables and fruit.

4. Wear light clothes

This is not the time for fancy suites and tie. Cloths that are light weight and loose fitting prevents you from excessively sweating and keep your body cool. Don’t wear black or dark colored, as they absorb heat. Instead you should put on lightly colored clothing.

5. Take your bath more than once a day

Have a regular shower in a day to keep you