Broadcasting live from Abuja, across the North Central States of Nigeria on 98.3 FM and the South Eastern Part of Nigeria on 99.5. Hot FM is the Listeners exciting fresh News Station. Hot FM offers the listener the best in Music, Sport, Entertainment and Information. The service is an intelligent broadcast service that recognizes that the target listener’s tastes and preferences evolve and change with time and generation, therefore the service will evolve and adapt to suit and stay true to its target listener.

Coverage Area

Hot FM 98.3 has a potent, effective and broad coverage of the North central States of Nigeria. Our exciting service effectively covers Abuja and its environs and reaches as far as the adjourning States of Nasarawa, Kogi, Kaduna, Benue and Niger. (Approximately 200 km radius)

Hot FM 99.5 Owerri Covers the South Eastern Part of the Country- Abia, Enugu, Port-Harcourt, Anambra and Parts of Cross River State.

This vast area constitutes in excess of approximately 42% of our coverage areas purchasing population and vehicle traffic.

Target Listener

The core target listener is the urban, 25-35 year old; though because of a combination of the program format and the music we play, there is an immediate spillover effect that stretches this range to as low as 18 and as high as 40 years. This target listenership includes:

  • Middle Income Earners, Households and Parents
  • Higher Education Students
  • Commuter Listeners
  • Listeners Who Love Their Music

Why Hot FM

  • Hot FM 98.3 & 99.5 cover a vast area, constituting 32% of the country’s purchasing power and vehicle traffic.
  • Hot FM 98.3 & 99.5 effectively covers the urban 25-35 year olds who are the bulk of the money earning population in the country.
  • The Programme format and music ethos creates an immediate spillover effect further pushing the age range from 18-40 therefore giving the client more reach and bite for their investment. This age bracket contributes to approximately 50% of branded products purchased in the count.

Program Format

The Hot FM 98.3  & 99.5 format is a music-led format and this is the ethos of what the station is about, giving the target listener more of what they want, less talk, more music and an effective and efficient sport, entertainment and information service true to this ethos.

Hot FM 98.3 & 99.5………Blazing the Trail.