Peter Ameh Apologises To Catholic Bishops Over Governor Bello’s Irresponsible Attack.

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After “taking a swipe” on catholic bishops by the governor of Kogi state, a concerned Kogi indigene Chief Peter Ameh has condemned in strong terms the altitude of the governor to the catholic priests.

“Being a Christain, devoted Catholic and knowing the level of sacrifice it takes to become a priest in the Catholic faith and Church, it is life of selfless surrender to a payless service for the good and development of mankind so I’m really rattled and baffled by the unwarranted attack by the non performing Governor of Kogi, a governor whose antecedent has shown that he lacks God fearing characteristics because it is on record that he remains the Governor with the highest number of months for non salary payment and also for non performance despite the huge amount of both internal and Federally generated revenue.


Bello without shame went straight to attack the Catholic Bishops over an advice to the president because he thinks or believes that the only way he can return as governor of Kogi State is through presidential assistance and anointing like 2015 but with or without Buhari Yahaya Bello will be rejected and voted out come 2019 for his incompetence, carelessness, lack of  vision and accountability.


It is obvious GYB is really looking up to the president for salvation because his attitude is the opposite of the culture orientation and respect driven character of Kogi people that he will descend so low to attack  the most highly respected position of the Catholic Bishops for an advice directed at the President which the President was able to address without war of words and insult contrary to action of the Governor.”


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