Kuchingoro Slum: The Plight Of The People

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Kuchingoro slum is one of those slums that exist outside the city centre.

Situated about 10km away from the capital city it is densely populated, and lacks basic infrastructure for a good life.

Having existed for some time now, our correspondent visited the community to find out how they have been surviving without good water and other basic amenities.

Here’s the report.



Hear the sound of the water. It is a river, a huge one. We had to pass this, am crossing a huge river now; you can hear the sound of the water from the waves. People live here, and they have been here for over five years.  A secluded  place from   the city. This is not a place anyone will like to come alone; it is so very quiet,   and   I’m   wondering why this people would have chosen this particular place. I wonder if government have been able to find out that people live here, young ladies with babies married at an early age. The ladies are shy they don’t want to talk to me. But we are trying to press in so that they can open up and talk to us.




“Since  wey we con gather for here ,dey con put fire and demolish our house .Anything now, na him we dey inside fire now, last year. (Pidgin).”



“We are getting to five years now, since eh 2011 ,is because of crisis I came here.Am working here in Abuja then crisis we con happen to our places na him I con carry my children come, wen I carry them come, na for this village den dey. dere before then no demolition. Ma nowhere wey I go keep them. That’s why I carry them come to uncompleted building. (English & Pidgin)”


“Because am from village I came here to look for food from Bauchi area. The disturbance for this area is demolition that they doing because we don’t have money to go and pay for rentage, that’s why we are parching inside bush. (English  and Pidgin).”

“Na river water, na one person die and da small pikin die for here because of the water.” (Pidgin).


“I come this place no light, no water, even the house ma, na demolition, that’s why I come this bush. I dey sleep den just manage for dey sit down, na river water .Na river water, na one people die and then da small pikin die for here because of the water. ( Pidgin )”.

Like   so many   slums, clean environment is almost like wishful thinking, there    resident find it difficult to access health care facilities.


“Well any hospital wey we see for nearby for area one, even for this ah no light, u no see us for the bush. Where can we find light, that is why we just dey manage our life. We  dey suffer here. Because sometime, our life just dey   like that because   no hospital very close by so we have to carry her from here to Wuse hospital. For this area no water, so the only thing na this water wey dey here (Pidgin)”.

Here the sound of pain and disappointment.


“We are thinking whether a, we are not in Nigeria, or that if we are not in Nigeria, let people or even president Goodluck Jonathan to come and talk to us and find a place that they can keep us”.

Hot fm spoke to Director economic planning of the FCT Issah Mohammed who says he is aware of the current situation at kuchingoro village.

Here’s what he said.


“Part of the district we are looking at looking at is kaura   village and then I assure you that they would be able to access adequate facilities without trekking too far. We have eight hundred and one communities. We have been trying to provide water, health facility, and a school. We have been able to provide forty Nine primary health care centers, and more are coming. Sixteen more are on board before the end of the year. Similarly, water is what we are trying to provide that is exactly how we are going to gradually provide all they need until we provide them their basic facilities. We cannot serve  of the things we have been able to do in this village are empowerment community from because you know if say would provide light, you know how expensive that will be ”.

Lack of basic infrastructure, remain a need that these individuals more than anything want the Federal government to provide for them and make a meaning out of their lives.

In Abuja I’m Chioma Tamunobubelebara reporting for Hot 98.3 fm.




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