The Woes Of Bomb Blast Victims In Nigeria

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Victims of bomb blast in Nigeria have called on the Federal government to investigate the money donated for free treatment of victims by past administration.

Speaking in an interview with hot 98.3 fm, chairman of victims of bomb blast, Kayode   Olatunji noted that no bomb blast sufferer benefited from the fund said to have been disbursed by victims support, a free treatment program to victims in various hospitals in the Northern region of Nigeria

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Investigation by Hot 98.3 fm has shown that over fifty four billion naira was pledged during a fund raising organized by past Administration in 2014 and twenty eight billion naira was realized from the pledge which is under the care of Victim Support, for free treatment of victims of bomb blast in Nigeria.

Speaking in an interview with Hot 98.3 fm, Co-ordinator Victim Support, Professor Sunday Ocheche noted that over three hundred million naira has been disbursed to sixteen hospitals in the north including National Hospital Abuja for free treatment of bomb blast victims.



“General Danjuma   supported   former   president   Goodluck  Jonathan to do a fund raiser for the foundation and about fifty four billion naira was pledged by Nigeria. We have been able to collect the neighbourhood of about twenty eighty billion ,and  have given close to three hundred million naira to sixteen hospitals for the free treatment of victims of bomb blast attacks and armed attacks ”.


Chief Medical Doctor, National Hospital Abuja, Jaff Momoh, said the hospital received only twelve million naira.




“That bomb blast victim was supposed to be attended to since 2010.Nobody ever paid their bills. This is the first time that bills have been paid. I got ten million to give the patient, and two million to buy equipment”.

When hot fm put a call to Chief Medical Doctor of other hospitals mentioned in other part of the North, they refused to comment.

But Kayode Olatunji is the Chairman of the bomb blast victims who stated that none of the victims benefited from the alleged fund said to have been disbursed to some hospitals.




“I want this to be investigated because all this claims are nothing but a white lie; because no victim has gotten one naira .We have more than one thousand amputee”.


Some of the affected victims who spoke  to Hot Fm in pain noted that all effort made to receive support from the Federal government as promised proved abortive.




First  victim.


“Through a particular Organisation, my sister took me back to the village before my leg rotten. After wards, my younger brother brought me back to Abuja. I lost four children including my husband and I have gun shut wounds in my leg, and I have been carrying it since the bomb blast attack. The hole in my leg is very deep and I have been carrying it since 2012. Am really in pain, and can’t eat. The man said he played for my hospital bill, but my sister went there and they said there’s nothing like that. I called the man in charge always crying to him to respond, but he said there’s nothing he can do’’.


Second victim

“I have spent my own personal money about one point eight million naira. I have the record .Some of the bomb particles penetrated my abdomen it brought out my intestine’’.

Third victim

“They took me to Maitama , they only thing they did was to pay for the treatment  then. Immediately they treated us, we came the next day and they said they can’t treat us because they don’t have any directive to treat bomb blast victims again. That’s how we have been suffering. See my leg, my eyes, and my mouth.

The question is what happens to the fund said to have been disbursed for free treatment of victims?


Statistics shows that over twenty thousand people lost their lives.Over two million people have been displaced and thousands are still nursing their  injuries in various hospitals across the nation since the inception of Boko Haram Insurgency in 2009.


Chioma Tamunobubelebra filed in this report for Hot 98.3fm









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  1. Faith says:

    This people are suffering and dyeing in pains let d nigerian government do something and make their investigation of the stolen money later which we know little or none will ever be recoverd

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