Former Senator Dino Melaye attacked over flamboyant lifestyle – Help poor people around you!!!

The most flamboyant Ex. Senator of our time, Senator Dino Melaye, who represented the Kogi Central in the 8th National Assembly, has come under attack for consistently showing off his expensive cars and luxurious lifestyle.

Despite the economic situation in Nigeria, Melaye has continued to flaunt his cars and a flamboyant lifestyle.

This has triggered Nigerians who recently blasted him after he shared a picture of himself beside a Range Rover on Wednesday.

Commenting under the post, some Nigerians urged the former lawmaker to help poor Nigerians and those in his community rather than splurge on cars and designer outfits.

Responding to the backlash, Melaye on his Twitter page wrote: “ As usual talk your rubbish while l cruise The RR.”

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter;

@Papillawr “I don’t know why God created a black man like this. Bill Gates and the rest are spending their money to help humanity but black man is to acquire flashy things in life.”

@Kpamjerry “ Oga the little you have, what have you done in your own little community @dino_melaye.”

@AdewalwAdeyemi “ Thief , sell that car and give the funds to the needy.”

@Butaku2 “ Check it well, the next poor woman living close to Dino, lives in a dilapidated mud house.
When you are rich and others are poor, you are also poor. Keep lavishing while you wait for 2023 to shed crocodile tears to attract another position.”

@MikoD16 “ Boy you need to have a rethink, you are opportune to have all luxuries and wealth. That shouldn’t affect your brain. We have people suffering out there, there are lives you can change with just a token but you prefer lavish. Bro when you die na still 6feet remember.”

Credit: Daily Post.

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