Christian Eriksen: 9 Times a Player Collapsed In the Field of Play.

Christian Eriksen: 9 Times a Player Collapsed In the Field of Play
Christian Eriksen:
Saturday’s Euro match against Finland saw the collapse of Denmark’s midfielder Christian Eriksen on the pitch due to cardiac arrest just two minutes before half-time.

Footballers who collapsed being helped.

It was later confirmed that Eriksen was resuscitated using a defibrillator, stabilized and then transferred to the hospital before the team was made to complete the match.
Not every player might have been as lucky as Eriksen and in this post, we’ll be looking at times where players have collapsed in the field of play and what eventually happened.
1 ● Abdelhak Nouri
During a friendly against Werder Bremen in 2017, Ajax midfielder Nouri collapsed due to cardiac arrhythmia.
He was rushed to the hospital and stabilized but was later reported to have suffered severe irreversible brain damage. Nouri wasn’t able to play football again after the incident.
2 ● Fabrice Muamba
Muamba is a former Bolton midfielder who also experienced collapsing on the pitch due to a cardiac arrest.
This happened in a game against Tottenham in 2012 just moments before half-time and left him unconscious for 78 mins before he was resuscitated.
3 ● Anthony Puerta
Puerta’s case is one of the sad ones without a happy ending as in Eriksen’s case. He was a former Sevilla midfielder who collapsed due to a cardiac arrest during a game against Getafe in 2007.
He was resuscitated and walked back to the dressing room only to collapse again and was then rushed to the hospital where he died due to irreversible brain damage and multiple organ failure.
4 ● Marc-Vivien Foe
Foe collapsed in 2003 during Cameroon’s Confederations cup in a game against Colombia.
All efforts to restart his heart proved futile and he died. He was a former Manchester City midfielder and was later confirmed to have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
5 ● Miklos Feher
He died of cardiac arrhythmia in 2004 after being rushed to the hospital dur to his collapse on the field just a few minutes after coming against Vitoria de Guimaraes.
He was a former Benfica striker.
6 ● Bafetimbi Gomis
In French Striker Gomis case, it’s not a one time thing as he has a medical condition which causes him to faint.
He has collapsed several times in games while playing for Swansea City, Galatasaray and Al-Hilal.
7 ● Cheick Tiote
In June 2017, Ivory Coast’s Tiote collapsed due to a cardiac arrest during a training session just a few weeks after his 31st birthday.
He was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately died about an hour after.
8 ● Cristiano Junior
Dempo’s forward, Junior collapsed on the field during the Federation Cup finals in 2004 after colliding with the goalkeeper during a goal scoring.
Unsuccessful attempts were made to revive him, he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead on arrival.
Reports from the autopsies conducted showed that he died due to a heart stroke.
9 ● Chinonso Ihelwere Henry
The Nigerian player, Henry collapsed in 2012 during a friendly game against FC Balotesti.
He was only on the field for about 10 minutes before collapsing and all attempts to revive him were futile.
He was later pronounced to have died from heart failure.
Players collapsing on the field isn’t a new phenomenon as much as it is a sad one. Most of the deaths were avoidable, if proper medical care and equipment were available while some were just cases where nothing else could have been done.

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