US Author Of ‘How To Murder Your Husband’ Arrested For Murder Of Her Husband

Oregon chef Daniel Brophy was found shot to death on June 2. Seven years ago, his wife, novelist Nancy Crampton-Brophy had penned an essay titled How to Murder Your Husband.

“Dan was one of the very few people I’ve known that knew exactly what he wanted in life and loved doing it,” she said at a candlelight vigil two days after the demise of her husband of 27 years.

But on September 5, Crampton-Brophy, 68, author of romance mysteries such as Hell on the Heart and The Wrong Husband, was arrested for the murder.

Oregon police did not explain the three-month gap between the killing and the arrest.

“Detectives believe Nancy L. Crampton-Brophy is the suspect in Daniel C. Brophy’s murder,” said Portland police, who refused to discuss motive or evidence.

Daniel Brophy, 63, who was found dead in the Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland, had worked there as a chef for over 10 years.

Relatives were stunned by the news, and the author’s sister is convinced Nancy is innocent.

“None of us believe it,” said Holly Crampton. “It’s craziness and it’s just not true,” she told ABC News.

A neighbour of the Brophys from Beaverton, Oregon, recalled the writer saying she might move to escape her old life.

“She said that his side of the bedroom was haunting her,” Heidi Hutchinson told People.

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